JUNK180 is a proud sponsor of the 2020 Benicia Dog Festival!

Benicia dog festival

James Swank here, owner of JUNK180. We’re not all about junk removal. We like to give back to the community. We have a soft spot for our furry friends. We found a good cause put together by our good friends Gaul Culley and Kelly Dillingham. Head on over to www.BeniciaDogFestival.com and check out the event!

Their mission is to celebrate our furry residents and to raise money for non-profit organizations that rescue and care for animals in the Northern California region during a natural disaster or declared emergency. To proclaim that the City of Benicia loves their most loyal members of the community as well as celebrates, protects and cares for them.

Wow, what a cause. We’ve had 2 major wildfires in the area since 2017. You may have heard about all the horses and live stock that were transported to the Solano County fairgrounds to escape the devastation, and about household pets being left behind by their owners fleeing the flames. Here’s a great way for us as a community to prepare when disaster strikes, and our furry friends need some help. Come on down, have a good time, and donate to the cause!

Pull a 180 on junk, do a JUNK180!